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Hotel in Radda in Chianti

Palazzo Leopoldo is a hotel in Radda in Chianti... if you look for a hotel for holidays in Chianti, you found it!

Are you looking for a hotel in Chianti?

If you are looking for a hotel in Radda in Chianti, we invite you to came and visit us by Palazzo Leopoldo, a manor house in Radda now turned into in an elegant hotel with all comforts, for an extraordinary holiday in the green region of Tuscany. Our hotel is located just in the centre of Radda in Chianti, a green and nice village in the province of Siena that is in the zone of Chianti Classico with the villages of Greve in Chianti and Gaiole in Chianti. This zone is characterized by a green countryside and by an exceptional gastronomic tradition, that you can know thanks to delicious kitchen of the restaurant of our hotel and thanks to the tasting local and national wines that are famous all over the world, that you can find in our enoteca. Staying by our hotel of Radda in Chianti will be interesting visiting the wineries of the zone, walking along the sweet hills of Chianti, for a holidays for relax and wellness. The staff of Palazzo Leopoldo is at your utter disposal to let you know the offers and the services possible during your stay by our hotel, located in the wonderful countryside of Chianti.

Do you love Chianti and would you like discovering its secrets?

The zone of Chianti is a location for all those travellers that look for a holiday that can satisfy more than a dream or desire. The Chianti, that is a location for artistic inspiration for painters, chosen many times by directors for film and documentaries, or a simple location for free tome and relax, keeps untouched its beauty, given by the warm sun rays, by the colours of the countryside and by the presence of the green hills that seem to hang the visitors. The building of our hotel in Radda in Chianti has been present in this scenery for years, as “hospitale” for giving assistance to pilgrims and refuge during their religious trip, and then in following years as a point of reference for all the inhabitants of Radda. There are numerous possibilities during a stay by our hotel that is also near to important cities like Florence, Siena and Arezzo, all cities rich for history and culture, easily reachable from our hotel. The Hotel Palazzo Leopoldo in Radda in Chianti is the ideal location for excursions in the countryside, for ride by bike, for a horse back ride, for walking by the green itineraries of the nearby countryside, for discovering the Tuscan craft or for shopping in the near fashion outlets that are far from here only few kilometres. The Chianti is a box full of jewelleries and we wait for you in our hotel in Radda in Chianti, in order you can open the box and appreciate the gems.

What to do and see in Radda in Chianti

Radda in Chianti is a village of province of Siena. It s visited all over the year by people that look for relax immersed in the countryside and that want to discover the art, the culture and the craft of the territory. Many visitors a rrive in Radda in Chianti in order to know the rich and intense taste of the Tuscan kitchen. Many tourists arrive in Radda in Chianti in order to know the intense tastes of the Tuscan kitchen: our hotel in Radda in Chianti organizes Tuscan cooking lessons. The cooking lessons can organized in one day or three days and than we give to the participants a certificate of attendance and a recipes book. In Radda it is very interesting discover the monuments of the village that has a rich history full of events, conflicts between Florence and Siena happened here too. The most important sites to visit are: the Palazzo del Podelsta, where the townhall is, of the XV century, the Church of St. Niccolò where there is an ancient crucifix of the XVI century, and the Church of St Eufrosino, also called “La Commenda”. A special proposal offered by our hotel in Radda in Chianti during your stay air balloon ride in order to observe the wonderful sceneries of Chianti from the high and to appreciate the nature of this zone from a very special point of view. We are waiting for you by Palazzo Leopoldo for your holidays of sun, nature and relax in the heart of Chianti.